Speyside Series

Michelle Donaldson Slater and James WIlson, both MRRs, won the Speyside Series this year over the 3 races.

They also won the 12 mile wind farm race today.  Michelle broke the ladies course record!

Martin Bain received the most improved trophy taking a 7 min off last years time!

Well done to all that took part 👍🏻

Report by:  Carol Sims

Speyside Way Ultra Race – 19/08/2017

There were a few MRRs entered for this race, most of them had ran the Fling earlier in the year and saw this race as the next challenge to undertake.  Those running were Steven Morrison, Alan Swadel, Robert Bruce, Karen Norvell, Sally Bruce and a newbie Ultra runner Kirsteen Carmichael.

All week the weather had been looking bad, with rain and wind predicted, but, the weather forecasters stuck to their reputation and the weather on the day, was mostly dry and warm, the occasional drizzle, but that just cooled us all down.

We all arrived in Buckie and registration was from 6:30 (why do we keep doing these long races with such an early registration) this was quite straightforward as there is a limit of 150 runners.  Buses are put on to take us to the start.

The start is at Cragganmore Distillery, where a piper leads us to the start and then we are off. After the rain of the previous days, we were expecting it to be muddy but it wasn’t too bad underfoot as you could run quite easily to Craigellachie, where the first checkpoint is.  After that you cross a road and start up a hill, a perfect place to have a walk and a snack.  After a few miles, you see the sign that takes you offroad and up Ben Aigen.


This is a decent climb and it was a mixture of walking and running.  After what seems like miles and miles, you eventually come to a decorated part of the road, with flags and the smiling face of Jenni, who offers you water, coke or ginger beer, before entering Mordor and a muddy slip slide down, it continues down until you eventually come to a road, where Karene was marshalling and you run on tarmac until Fochabers, this is a runable section, until you get to Ordiquish chicane, which I find I can neither run down or up, so I walk, as it’s quite steep, at the top you get to the next check point, this is 24 miles, then it’s tarmac for a few miles into Fochabers, then offroad, to Spey Bay, this bit is a lovely run and it was nice to be amongst the trees again.

Spey Bay came and went and finally there is only 6 miles to go, you run through the woods, which were quite muddy in places, until you get to Port Gordon, where Neil was marshalling (Steven was also there, having finished ages ago, got showered and came out to offer encouragement)

After that there is only a couple of miles to the finish, and just for fun the end is uphill, which everyone loves.

Every MRR, finished the Ultra, and were happy with their times, Steven placed 8th, an awesome effort.

Well done to all runners, marshalls, volunteers and organisers on a well organised and enjoyable Ultra, with a nice bit of bling

Report by:  Robert Bruce


Nairn Highland Games HM – 19/08/2017

Nairn Highland Games Half Marathon. 19AUG17 Many months ago I saw an advert for this race. I knew it was not long after my return from operations in Africa and thus saw it as a good opportunity to test my speed after sweating off a few kilograms out there.
Parking a mile or so away from the venue in any available spaces we could find provided us with eyes on the first and last section of the course, which we then walked along to the registration tent, guided by the lights of the fun-fair ahead. Helpful volunteers told us where to register and where to change, conveniently right next to the start line. We quickly retrieved our numbers and thus prepared ourself for the beginning of the race. Approximately 265 runners began the race (if I heard correctly due to two people talking on different tannoys at once!). The starting gun went off and we began the race with a parading lap around the race track within the playing field then headed off along the coast heading towards Brodie.
On an initial map assessment I surmised that the route would be fairly flat but I was slightly off, with the route quickly climbing out of Nairn and continued to have long, slight climbs throughout. The weather held out until about 45mins into the race with a heady downpour giving a bit of relief from the wind matching our pace from behind and humidity making it a little uncomfortable. After the 7 mile turn-around point the 15kph wind was now in our face but we were heading to the finish, powering through it. With 4 water stops, hydration was not an issue and the whole route was well marked and marshalled . Although the public roads remained open, traffic was light and drove at a considerate speed. Quiet countryside just a couple miles north of the A96 aided this. Returning back into Nairn on what felt like the only downhill segment was short respite for my, now very weary, legs. I was trying to maintain a 1hr30 pace throughout and those last few miles were extremely tough. Constantly glancing at my watch I remained steadfast in my attempt to hit that time. By now I was beginning to overtake a lot of people who were starting to slow, a few of those were were from the Nairn club so that was a nice little morale boost. Talking of morale, this morning I told my wife, “meet me at this point of the course”, where I pointed out the 7 mile point on the map. “and make sure you have some banana for me!” she agreed, I even reminded her as I left the house. Of course, I’m running along prior to the seven mile point looking forward to this little energy fix. When I finally arrive she tells me she forgot it! Morale took a heavy dive, it might have just given me a placebo affect but, damn was I looking forward to it! Anyway, back to the race.
Back in Nairn people were offering their support, with the harbour and Maggot quite busy. Although appreciated, lots of people were very ignorant of the race and did not bother to create space on the path from the Maggot, back to the finish. This resulted in me and the majority of others doing what felt like a slalom for the last mile. I even had a chap on a mobility scooter overtaking people on the footbridge practically blocking it up. Somewhat aggravating! This is something that should be managed better in the future as I feel someone could easily take a tumble and get hurt, either racer or pedestrian. On arrival at the arena, marshals once again guided us the route back into the finish. My heart rate was now hitting 190bpm, it had creeped over 180 around 2 miles from the finish. I was sapped, doing the final lap of honour felt like an eternity, people’s cheers and claps were hardly breaking through the physical torment I was currently in. I eventually crossed the line to only find it was not the finish line and had to double back and go to the correct race exit, Hopefully they don’t add to my official time! I staggered across the line, my body was spent. I collapsed on the floor in a pathetic, panting heap. I was kindly handed a bag of treats and my medal.
Offering congratulations to others crossing the line including several others wearing MRR tops (I believe there was 6 of us racing in total), I gorged on a couple of bananas given to me as I got my soul back (least someone gave me a banana!). Looking at my watch, it tripped the half marathon point at 1hr 30mins and 2 seconds perhaps 200m prior to the finish line. I’d got my PB and got my 1hr30 so I was pretty damn chuffed. Hard work training with MRR has really paid off, so thank you all those who have trained with me and cheered me on at races throughout the season. Roll on the cross-country season!
Report by:  Jason James

RAM league Meet 4

Weather conditions were good for athletes and it is reflected in the results

There were 4 club records for Tamsin Fowlie (200m), Kyle Wilkinson (LJ), Kenny Wilson (3000m) and Maria McCloud-Bennett (JT)

There were 36 Personal Best ranging from U11 to U15 and SM & SW


Open Long / Triple Jump Meet at Knockando Sunday 13th 1.45 for 2.15 start. Information

Great last chance for those going to Age champs or just looking to try for a new PB

Report by:  Marjery Swinton

Aberlour Strathspey Highland Games 10 Mile Trail Race – 05/07/2017

Saturday saw the first ever running of the Aberlour Strathspey Highland Games 10 Mile Trail Race, organised by friend & well known local runner Marie Third this race has been etched on my calendar since I first heard about it.  As a parent of two Highland Dancers who attend these games every year what could be better than an event that I could compete in on the day too!

Unfortunately for the organisers but not for me, more of which later, there were only 9 competitors who made the half mile or so walk up from the Games field to the start line, I was joined there by fellow MRR Kimberley Clark who I’d “encouraged” to take on the challenge of this new race.  After a short safety brief we were off & straight in to a  2 & 1/4 mile climb of over 700 feet, we started off on tar roads, which turned to hardcore Forrest road before turning to muddy Forrest track.  Myself & eventual winner Rab Murray made an early break & ran to the top of hill passing the 1st of 3 water stations side by side before experienced hill runner Rab left me in his “splashes” as he seemed to free wheel down the hill compared to my more cautious effort!

After a mile or so of downhill running we reached the 2nd water station & road crossing at Glenfiddich Distillery, after a quick drink & some encouragement from some of Marie’s club mates from Keith & District we made the short run along to & through the old railway station in Dufftown then it was on to the Speyside Way for the run to Craigellachie & then back to the Games field in Aberlour.  By now Rab was disappearing down the Speyside Way in front of me & only in my sight on the very long straights, I’d decided by now that staying in front of the runner behind me was a far more realistic than catching the one in front.

On reaching Craigellachie we passed the 3rd & final water station where not only water but both Blackcurrent & Orange juice were on offer to refresh us before the final push back to Aberlour, the section between Craigellachie & Aberlour was quite busy with walkers & cyclists so encouragement was not in short supply & really helped me keep up my momentum as I tried to make it back in under 70 minutes which now seemed possible.

On arriving back in Aberlour we were greeted by great cheers from the near 6000 crowd who were enjoying the Games in the sunshine on their return to Alice Littler Park after a spell at Speyside High School playing fields over the last few years.  After finishing in a time 1:09:33, a good 2 minutes quicker than I’d hoped, I was informed that as well as finishing 2nd I’d also won the Hugh McPherson Memorial Cup for being the 1st Local Finisher.  This was especially significant to me as the trophy was donated by the family of Hugh who are also my employers, Hugh had been involved with the Games for many many years until he passed away late last year.

Marie intends to make this race an annual event which will be run on the 1st Saturday in August on Games day & I for one will be doing my best to spread the word far & wide, but maybe not locally so that my course record for a local runner stands for more than just 12 months if possible!

Report by:  Martin Bain

Outdoor SUPERteams – 17/06/2017

The Scottish Athletics U12 Outdoor SUPERteams took place at Inverness Athletics Stadium on Sat 17 Jun 17.  It is a national event with clubs from all over Scotland entering teams of 4 x boys or girls to compete in the 75m Sprint, Long Jump, Turbo Javelin and the 4 x 100m.  The top 3 competitors in each team scored with the 1st boy or girl in each event scoring 100 pts, 2nd 99 pts and so on.  Moray Road Runners entered both a boys and a girls team.


The boys team consisted of Lewis Paterson, Roy Taylor, Luca Sutherland and Brodie Buchan.

4 x 100m.  The boys first event was the 4 x 100m, with a couple of middle distance runners, they were always going to struggle but they went around in a very respected time of 1:09.20.

Long Jump.  Roy achieved the longest MRR jump of the day with a very good jump of 3.32m.  Lewis was 2nd with 2.89m, Luca just behind with 2.83m. Brodie, new to LJ, scored a respectable 2.09m.

75m Sprint.  The boys performed well in the 75m.  Roy was top scorer again finishing 4th in H5 in 12.54, Luca finished 4th in H4 with 13.51, Lewis 4th in H3 in 13.68 and Brodie following on with the respectable time of 14.19.

Turbo Javelin.  Lewis came 3rd in Pool 2 with a very impressive throw of 13.24m.  Roy was behind him with 10.47m, Luca 8.22m and Brodie 7.10m.


The girls team consisted of Nicole Taylor, Lauren Abbott, Aaliyah McCloud and Mica McCloud.

75m.  The girls started the day with the 75m Sprint.  Mica achieved the fastest MRR sprint of the day finishing 3rd in her fast heat in 11.65.  Mica’s time was also the 6th fastest Girls 75m of the day scoring 95 pts.  Aaliyah won H3 in 11.99.  Lauren (aged 9!), with her textbook dip for the line, achieved 2nd in her heat with a great time of 12.28.  Nicole (a middle distance runner) ran a very respectable time of 13.38.

Long Jump.  The girls struggled with their speed and run ups in the LJ due to running into a very strong headwind, all sadly jumping well below their best.  Mica had the longest jump with 2.80m, Aaliyah 2.71m, Lauren 2.26m and Nicole 2.24m.

Turbo Javelin.  The girls did well in the Turbo Javelin, especially considering they were all inexperienced with it. Aaliyah scored best with 11.01m, then Mica with 8.80m, Nicole 7.16m and Lauren 6.87m.

4 x 100m.  The girls finished the day on a high with a really good performance winning their heat of the 4 x 100m in the very impressive time of 1:02.46.  Lauren ran yet another fantastic first leg handing over 1st to Aaliyah at the 300m point, who ran hard down the back straight.  She handed over to Nicole who ran a great bend handing over to Mica to bring it home for the team.  They were overjoyed with the win.

All in all, our boys team did very well considering they were not experienced in the field events and were more middle distance runners than sprinters finishing 14th overall.  Ross County AC won the boys cup.

The young girls team, who were in with a chance of a medal, performed extremely well on the track but sadly lost vital points in the field events.  Despite this, they still did exceptionally well finishing 8th overall against some very stiff national competition.  Inverness Harriers won the girls cup.

All in all a really good performance by both teams.

Report by:  Peter McCloud

Marafun 2017

Moray Road Runners had a good entry for this year’s Marafun, below are the reports from our 2 Captains.  Colin and Karen.

Mens Teams

This year’s marafun saw 3 men’s teams enter (the most for a good number of years).

This was despite pull-outs over injury and illness, it was a credit to the club that the spaces were filled extremely quickly.

Kenny Wilson took total control of the start of the race, establishing a massive lead and lapping everyone by the time he had finished his leg.  He was backed up by Ryan Mclennan, James Wilson , Stephen Carmichael and Colin Green. The team finished 1st in 2hr 26 min.

The “B team” of Bill Murray, Kevin Morrison, Neil Purdie, Garry Henderson and John-Paul Downey finished in a very respectable 4th in a time of 2hr 50mins.

Our 3rd men’s team was the “C Fit team”. Simon MacDonald, Paul Jamieson, Toks Osunrinade, Brian Milne and Bernard Salmon all exceed their expectations to finish in the top half in a credible time of 3hr 25 mins.

Great effort by everyone, looking forward the next one in 2years time.

Ladies Team

So, here was me thinking that with all the new members I was a shoein for at least 2 ladies teams for Marafun 2017, maybe even 3 teams!!

However, I massively underestimated the popularity of the ladies and their happiness in running for everybody else!!

Thankfully I was able to pressgang, I mean have 4 willing volunteers to join me in representing Team Yella….. Sally, Eileen, Karen(me!) Suzanne and Justine …. Looking a pretty speedy bunch to compete with the 3!! Mens Teams for MRR.

Sadly Suzanne had to bail out last minute with a horrible bug and Elspeth stepped into the gap…

The Marafun is a great fun event,  incorporating 5 team members running 8 laps each of the High Street in a relay to complete a full marathon, organised bi-annually by the Elgin Rotary Club and raising money for local charities.

The day dawned bright and cool with a light wind…. Perfect running conditions…. We gathered in a sea of fluorescent yellow on the Courthouse steps for a team photo before all the respective captains sorted their teams out and issued the instructions … Run fast, don’t drop the baton, beat everyone else and meet in the pub after the prizes …. Simples

The weather Gods were relatively kind… temperate with light wind : check …. pouring rain for all bar the first runners : check …. We were all a bit damp by the time we were done … I actually think it rained to catch out Sally who ran first for us in the sun…. and then didn’t feel left out when she got soaked running again later for Bijou!

All 5 team members ran brilliantly … ably supported by Suzanne who came out and cheered us on…along with fabulous support from all of Team Yella, both runners and non runners alike…. and we finished in a massively respectable 3 hours 8 minutes, 14th overall and the first full ladies team to cross the line …. Title Defended!!

Here’s to 2019 ….. and we didn’t get thrown out of the pub either 😊

Report by:  Colin Green & Karen Norvell

Metro Aberdeen 10km – 06/06/2017

A Sunday of races – 28/05/2017

This weekend Moray Road Runners were spread across the country running in various races and at various distances.  I have put down the races and the results below:

2017 Bratislava ETU Aquathlon European Championships

Our very own Kevin Morice qualified for this event and produced an excellent performance to finish 14th in his class.  Well done Kevin on competing on the international stage




Great Manchester Run Half Marathon

Louise Cartmell was our lone entrant to this race.  She ran a phenomenal race finishing in 1:25:31 and being 2nd lady.

Very well done to Louise on an excellent HM



Castle of Mey 10km (North District Champs)

We had a good turn out of MRRs for this, the North District Champs, with some good running, the results are:

James Wilson ran a super pb finishing 4th in 34.41.

Colin Green 9th, – 3rd Male Vet and 3rd Male Vet in the ND Champs

Stephen Carmichael 13th

Simon Dobbs 16th?

Andy Alexander 25th?

Michelle Donaldson-Slater – 42:59, 3rd lady overall and 2nd lady in ND Champs

Castle of Mey Results

Edinburgh Marathon

Kevin Morrison and Karene Ferrier were both running this marathon.  Both of them were running for a charity and in memory of a loved one.  This was Kevin’s first Marathon but Karene is an old hand at Marathons, Karene was running with her partner Hazel, so they would be running together

I’m sure he should run and not take a bus 🙂

around the course, this is Hazels 1st Marathon as

well but I’m sure that Karene kept her going


Kevin finished in 4:02:29

Karene finished in 6:08:17


Nairnshire Challenge

Steven Morrison participated in this event today.  This will be the final Nairnshire Challenge.  The Nairnshire Challenge is a 30-mile sponsored duathlon organised annually by the Rotary Club of Nairn.

Steven had a really good race on the run section and cycle even with some bad cramp .  He finished 9th out of 323 in a time of 2:34.58.  About an 18min Pb


Report by:  Robert Bruce


Tamsin is sprinting her way to athletics success

A MORAY YOUNGSTER is blazing a trail in the world of athletics after recently retaining sprint titles in the North District championships.

At just 12, Elgin Academy pupil Tamsin Fowlie has the world at her feet – literally, as she continues to outstrip her contemporaries over 100m and 200m.

Tamsin, who is a member of both the Elgin Amateur Athletic Club and Moray Road Runners, is currently ranked as the fastest girl in Scotland in her age group over 60, 75, 100 and 200metres – and rated second in the 150m.

Dad Alistair said: “We are very proud of Tamsin and the hard work she has put in – she is now ranked in the top-10 for Long Jump while her current UK rankings for both the 100m and 200m place her in the top 20.

“Only recently she retained both here 100m and 200m Under-13 girls titles at the North District Championships in Inverness – and now she is looking to challenge for the podium in these events at the Scottish Age Group championships in August.”

Tamsin’s progress in her chosen sport has been remarkable, showing her amazing promise at just 11-years-old when she won the 80metre race at her age group in the Petrofac Athletics League final in Aberdeen – scooping the award for best girls’ track performance of the day.

While shining in the sprint events Tamsin is no slouch either over longer distances – taking on cross-country at her school.

Report by:  Inside Moray