10 marathons in 10 days for Logan’s Fund

3 Moray Road Runners, John Anderson, Steven Morrison and Willie Stewart have just finished a huge challenge. They set themselves the goal of running 10 Marathons in 10 Days for a local Charity called Logans Fund. The target was to raise £10,000 but currently they are sitting just shy of £13,000. A tremendous fund raising effort.

Here is the link for anyone who wishes to DONATE

Over the 10 Days they ran various routes and visited all the businesses that supported and sponsored their efforts with an invitation to any runners who wanted to come along and join them on any of the days. They had company every day for every Marathon, with a variety of runners and cyclists joining them.

Their final Marathon was The Dramathon but due to Storm Babet, The Dramathon got cancelled at the last minute. However, this did not deter our intrepid 3, they decided to run on the route anyway, with John donning a pink tutu for the final one. An invitation was extended to any runner who had been hoping to run The Dramathon to join them, and so they had a large group of runners on their last date, hailing from all over Europe. Although the weather was very wet and windy they completed this Challenge still smiling (or maybe grimacing)

Report by: Robert Bruce

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