Dublin Marathon – 29/10/2017

Now that the DOMS and epic hunger have departed I can finally write up my Dublin marathon race report.

Last Sunday (29th Oct) I lined up with around 16,000 other folk to run my 5th marathon. It only took a few minutes to cross the line and then we were off, winding through central Dublin before heading up to Phoenix Park and through the suburbs. I had started at 7.50m/mile pace but my legs were feeling fresh and I found myself unintentionally running at 7.30 pace. It felt fine so I just decided to go with it and deal with any fallout later!

The route was good and there was lots of support along the way. There were a few gentle inclines between the start and halfway, but nothing major.

I had caught the 3:20 pace group by mile 8 so decided to stick with them for a while, before gradually pulling clear of them. The miles were being ticked off and all was well until somewhere between mile 20-21 when I started with the ‘Stitch of Doom’! It got worse and worse, until I could hardly breathe, so I had no choice but to pull over and stretch it out. After that it abated a bit but kept returning, and forced me to slow considerably. I had to dig deep as I watched the 3:20 group disappear off happily into the horizon. Those last few miles were tough – the legs were willing but the lungs felt like that of an 80-a-day smoker!

Eventually I was down to the last half mile, and I spotted Neil waving and shouting amongst the crowd, so that spurred me on. My finishing time was 3:23.06 – an 11 minute PB despite the wheels coming off a bit at the end. Upon returning to the hotel I discovered my sports bra had been on so tight it had given me a bruise. I suspect this may have contributed to the stitch a bit!

Dublin is a great course and the atmosphere is excellent. The finishers’ medal is probably the best one I have ever got at any race, and the high quality long-sleeved technical top made a fine change from the usual t-shirt. All in all it’s a great event and I would recommend it to anyone that fancies at autumn marathon.

Report by:  Michelle Donaldson-Slater

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