Roon the Toon 10k – 10/06/2018

4 MRRs travelled down to Kilmarnock to run this race.  These were Colin Green, Amanda Strang, Andy Alexander and Robert Bruce.  We had all entered separately so it was nice to find others yellas going down.

This race is run round the town of Kilmarnock on closed roads, so it is billed as a fairly flat 10k with little in the way of hills.

On the morning of the race the weather stayed as it had been, it was about 20 degrees, so it was going to be a warm one.  This is a fairly big race with 1133 finishers and to run on closed roads was another bonus as it gave you plenty of room to manouvre

MRRs acquitted themselves well,

Colin finishing 17th Overall and 4th V40.

Andy finished 70th Overall and 4th in V50

Robert finished 233 Overall and 32nd in V50

Amanda finished 443 Overall, 71st Female and 25th V40

I think you will agree that considering the size of the field MRRs put on a good show with the placings.  I would recommend this race to members as one to consider.

Report by:  Robert Bruce

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